How To Pay For Your Taxes Online

There are several efficient ways to pay your tax bills. You don’t need make anymore long trips to the IRS office, stand in long lines or be placed on hold on the phone. No need to write anymore checks, write out envelopes to send out, and spend money on postages.

Save time, money, and the headache of paying for your tax bills by paying them online. Here are several options to pay online.

Option 1:

  • IRS Direct Pay. No Fees. No sign-ups. No Hassles. You can make a payment online directly from your checking or savings account. Use this option whether you are making a payment with your return, have a tax bill from the IRS, or making quarterly estimated tax payments. It’s a straight forward way to pay, with IRS Direct Pay!

To make a IRS Direct Pay:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Pay Your IRS Tax Bill” tab.

Option 2:

  • If you E-File your federal tax return, a second way to easily pay is with an Electronic Funds Withdrawal. Like the IRS Direct Pay method, you may pay directly from your checking and savings account. All you will need is your bank account number and routing number of your checking/savings account.

Most tax preparation software out there and tax professionals, like us, allow you to pay by Electronic Funds Withdrawal. We’ll offer you this option automatically if you have a tax bill when we prepare your taxes.

Option 3:

  • Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS).┬áTypically this payment option is designed for business taxpayers, but individual taxpayers may use this method as well. Like IRS Direct Pay, EFTPS is free, available to use 24/7, and allows you to schedule a tax payment in advance.

Unlike IRS Direct Pay, with EFTPS, you will have to sign up before you can use this tax payment service. You may pay your tax bill with your debit or credit card online or by phone.

But be aware that there is usually a service charge charged by the EFTPS service provider not the IRS:

  • Debit Card – Flat Fee
  • Credit Card – % fee of the amount you are paying.

Keep your IRS tax payments easy, simple, and stress free with these 3 online tax payment methods.

Stay tuned for more stress free tax tips from your own personal accountant.

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